Monday, March 07, 2005

Churchill chit chat on KHOW

KHOW 630's Caplis and Silverman are talking about CU president Elizabeth Hoffman's resignation. Caplis: this means a buyout for Churchill. Silverman (more or less): not one nickel, by God!

They interview congressman Bob Beauprez and Gov. Owens, who agree with Silverman, but up the ante: Not one dime. Unfortunately, they can't just make it so.

Caplis: David Lane (Churchill's attorney) has the university cowering, and it "makes me sick." Silverman: Buyout could come in "two or three days." They're rallying the troops (alumni) to tell CU to fight instead.

Guy calls. Long-time Indian activist: Ward is just crazy. I've seen him be violent many times. Uh oh. Caller's uncle is Vernon Bellecourt; he just blurts it out. The lawyer duo don't pick up on this, so apparently they don't know of the murderous, long-standing enmity between Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt's National AIM and Churchill's Colorado (or "Autonomous") AIM movement.

Somewhere in there Silverman also seriously suggested Caplis as a replacement for Hoffman. Caplis, a former CU student body president among much possibly less-relevant experience, didn't demur. He's a little oleaginous, but definitely a Churchill hardliner. That enough to be CU president? Sign me up!

Update: Here's Ward in the Rocky on Hoffman's resignation:

I see it as part of an agenda for a political viewpoint to assert absolute state control over the university. It's been public that the intent is to review every instructor, all content, every core course to vet it for adherence to a political line. She has been resistant to that idea, has been working to defend the principle of academic integrity in the face of almost stonewall opposition to the idea that quite a range of viewpoints are deserving of articulation.

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