Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voting Riport

buy Charly (not smart yet).

You've probably noticed how many people have said, "I'll crawl through broken glass to vote this time around." Well, I literally did.

Okay, I drove through broken glass. Still sucked.

First, I screwed up, assuming that the polling station in this area would be Rude Rec Center, as it was last time. So I tried to drive down there. Major construction everywhere around the place. Shovel-ready, no doubt. It was almost impossible to get there, but I did.

Wrong place, this year. The woman told me voting was at Barnum elementary.

Where is that, again? She didn't know.

Back home to look up where Barnum is (we're talking less than a mile one-way or whatever so I didn't insult Gaia too much, though I wanted to).

Barnum. Got it. Drive over. Wrong. They had no clue, and looked at me like I was a perv (as Wart will tell you, I am). Back home. Where the fuck do I vote?

Turns out, after a rudimentary tube search, Riverside Baptist Church (separation of C & S, y'all!), which is three blocks from my house.

Splendid place, by the way, though it's quite ugly on the outside.

Anyhow, when I was there (a little before one p.m.), there were three (count 'em, 3) other voters, in a deep, deep blue place in a very populous neighborhood. They had set up for like 20 at a time. I asked one of the poll ladies how turnout was, and she gave me the meh hand-waggle, and I heard somebody on the phone saying 209 for the turnout up to that point,

Very bad. For Dems.

The ballot itself. Too lazy (I say that a lot, don't I?) to find out if this is a statewide thing, but it was paper. First time I've voted with a pencil since the 70s. You had to connect little arrows. First time, also, that I voted a straight party ticket. I'll let you guess which.

Weirdest thing on the ballot? Initiative 300. Hey, if the UN wants it, why not Denver?

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