Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"A creature living in the thrashing endgame of civilization"

One can only hope. A new doco in the works starring that pussy terrorist we've grown to know and love, Derrick ("gee, if only I knew how to make bombs") Jensen, with supporting roles by fellow zero-summers (not to be confused with Suzanne Sommers), hypocrites, crypto-ecofascists and disgraced liars like Ward Churchill. It's based on Jensen's Endgame, and has to be seen to be believed (or rather, not believed):

What struck me immediately is how the film looks like something from the fifties, and it's not even made yet. Crappy stock footage will do that. Here's another hunk:

Again, the project has yet to become reality (or certain people's version of same). Contribute, or else!

Update: Derrick's lookin' a little jowly, ain't he?

Update II: Commenter "44" links to a Counterhunch interview with Derrick today. Of many, many idiotic things he says, here are a couple:
[Interviewer] Has science provided the world with anything good?

DJ: That’s a very common question that is asked: Hasn’t science done a lot of good for the world? For the world? No. Show me how the world—the real, physical world, once filled with passenger pigeons, great auks, cod, tuna, salmon, sea mink, lions, great apes, migratory songbirds, forests—is a better place because of science. Science has done far more than facilitate the destruction of the natural world: it has increased this culture’s ability to destroy by many orders of magnitude. We can talk all we want about conservation biology and about the use of science to measure biodiversity, but in the real, physical world the real, physical effects of science on real, living nonhumans has been nothing short of atrocious. Science has been given three hundred years or so to prove itself. And of course three hundred years ago great auks (and fish, and whales) filled the seas, and passenger pigeons and Eskimo curlews filled the skies, and soil was deeper, and native forests still stood. If three hundred years of chainsaws, CFCs, depleted uranium, automobiles, genetic engineering, airplanes, routine international trade, computers, plastics, endocrine disrupters, pesticides, vivisection, internal combustion engines, fellerbunchers, dragline excavators, televisions, cellphones, and nuclear (and conventional) bombs are not enough to convey the picture, then that picture will never be conveyed.
Ted Kaczynski without the courage of his convictions. This one is just funny:
[I]f someone told you story after story extolling the virtues of eating dog shit since you were a child, you’ll grow to believe them. Sooner or later, if you are exposed to other foods, you might discover that eating dog shit doesn’t taste too great. Or if you cling too tightly to these stories of eating dog shit – that is if your enculturation is so strong that it actually does taste good to you, the diet might make you sick or kill you. To make this example less silly, substitute pesticides for dog shit, or for that matter, substitute Big Mac™, Whopper™, or Coke™. Eventually physical reality trumps narrative. It can just take a long time.
Maybe for you, Derrick. Maybe for you. And notice how Derrick has Noam's Disease: Great leaden blocks of drivel, vomited onto the page.

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