Thursday, October 08, 2009


Commenter "Eddie" in the Wart post a couple-three below notes this on the American Indian Movement (CO) website:

Advisory for October 10 - Columbus Hate Speech Parade:

Colorado AIM advises all Native elders and children to avoid downtown Denver, especially the area near the Columbus Hate Speech Parade, on Saturday, October 10, 2009.

Isn't that innerestin'?

Update: The horrid JWP had it first, plus a couple other stuffs.

Update II: Hoax. AP:
A Denver parade in honor of Christopher Columbus is on — despite a phony e-mail that circulated Thursday saying the downtown celebration was canceled for lack of funds.

The Sons of Italy's Columbus Day Parade Committee in Denver was shocked to learn of the e-mail sent to the media, which was signed by Sons of Italy President Richard SaBell. The fake e-mail said protesters had "ruined" the event and tarnished the legacy of an Italian hero.

SaBell rushed to assure people the e-mail was a hoax after local media and The Associated Press started reporting Saturday's parade was off. He said he reported the phony e-mail to Denver police.

"I feel violated," said SaBell, adding he didn't know who was behind the hoax. "This whole thing is bogus. The parade was never off."

Denver police said its computer crimes unit is investigating. . . .

Update III: I get awful tired of people saying how they feel "violated." The whole world has become an episode of Law and Order.

Update IV: The Post:
Meanwhile, 7News is reporting that a hoax e-mail sent Thursday announcing the parade had been canceled has been traced to a computer on the campus of the University of Colorado Denver. The computer was in a public area, the station reported.

Denver police are investigating. The sender could face fraud and identity-theft charges.
Heck, I don't know if the parade even came off. No way I was going out in that cold and snow. I'll keep looking for an account of wha'happen.

Update V: Westword's always enervating Michael Roberts notes the post at the AIM site warning away "children and elders," but, even while quoting the whole thing, seems to construe it (unless, as he says, it's an "ominous subterfuge") as telling everyone to stay away. It was ominous, all right, but where was the subterfuge? Roberts doesn't appear to know the history of AIM's bullshit around "protecting" "children and elders." This was a clear threat; no subterfuge necessary.

Update VI: Bo-ringggggg. Funny the Post doesn't mention numbers, of either paraders or protesters.

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