Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nature Boy in Great Northwest

Some knockwurst at Portland Indymedia reviews eco-anus Derrick Jensen's Q & A last night at a place or thing called "Disjecta" in Portland. Great stuff from the hip-talking, violence-espousing, lying little coward:
He mentioned that the feds even allow Ward Churchill to fly and leave the country without a hassle [why wouldn't they? Not even the leaders of the anti-Churchill forces, David Horowitz and Bill O'Reilly, have suggested that Wart be prevented from flying]. Later he followed this point up by talking about how as a "radical" writer he would actually be a huge liability to any group or organization if he actually participated in some of the resistance he preaches is necessary.
Kill for my principles, but don't ask me to get dirty. Just like Ward. This one's even better:
Derrick said he was once asked if he would sacrifice the lives of his closest loved ones if he could be guaranteed the survival of the salmon. He said he would have to ask his family, but when he did they responded that he better have said yes! He said this made him very happy. He also said he would give his own life for the same cause . . .
Well, that's okay then. One time I asked the Drunkawife if she'd sacrifice her life for the salmon and Ritz cracker canapes in the refrigerator. She said yes! It made me very happy.

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