Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CU asks for $50,000 in legal expenses from Wart

So they went high-end. Gamera:
The University of Colorado is seeking to recover more than $52,000 from Ward Churchill to recover costs the school incurred fighting a lawsuit filed by the former ethnic studies
professor. . . .

Colorado law requires the court to award the "prevailing party," in this case CU, "reasonable costs."

Now CU has finished tallying up its expenses, which amount to $52,181.71, and the school has filed a motion in Denver District Court requesting compensation from Churchill.
A commenter at PB links to one of Peter Boyles' satiric songs:
Counterfeit Indian
. Not very good, but it's only a minute or so. Don't know when it was originally done; can't find it on Boyles' website.

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