Thursday, October 29, 2009

A laptop? A tire iron?

More on the Beason, Illinois murder of a family of five. Caution, morons ahead:
A Beason family found slain in their home Sept. 21 may have died during an armed robbery in which a laptop computer was taken by two Armington brothers -- one of them a former son-in-law of one of the victims -- according to indictments filed Wednesday.

Rick and Ruth Gee and three of their children died of blunt force trauma, likely caused by a tire iron, prosecutors disclosed in newly filed charges.

Christopher J. Harris, 30, and his brother, Jason L. Harris, 22, each were arraigned on more than 50 first-degree murder counts and additional charges of armed robbery, home invasion, residential burglary and the attempted criminal sexual assault of 16-year-old victim Justina Constant. Chris Harris, who was once married to Rick Gee's older daughter, Nicole, faces a total of 68 charges. . . .
Why so many charges?
Authorities said there is an unusually high number of counts in the indictment because the charge allege crimes being committed during other alleged criminal acts, all involving multiple victims.

After the hearing, Skelton addressed the large number of charges. "It's a record, across the board," he said.
Well, this mess has got that going for it, at least.
He said he expects the state to seek the death penalty against the pair.
These guys are so dumb they won't even know they're dead.

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