Friday, March 30, 2007

Weird Bird Friday: Sandhill Crane Fest!

Drunkawife is off to Kearney, Nebraska, tomorrow--home of the largest gathering of sandhill cranes in the world. Perhaps next week I'll have some of my own pictures, but for today, these are my favorites among the ones I found on-line.

"Joy" by Michael Forsgerg. Sandhill crane in a mating dance.

Baby sandhill crane from the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

Mother & Chick. Another one by Michael Forsberg. Damn, he's good.

A way cool sandhill by Arthur Morris at Birds As Art


Update: By the way, I'm not going to Kearney to see the sandhills; that's just a perk. I'm going to try to beat some sense into childcare providers so they don't turn the next generation into a bunch of Jeffrey Dahmers, which is, basically, what I do for a living.

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