Saturday, March 03, 2007

Different worlds

Yeah, I saw the new photos of Saturn:

(Photos courtesy NASA.)

(Well, they would have been courtesy NASA, if I'd asked. I bet.)

Yawnarama. But clicking through the rest of the pics I noticed some photos of Saturn's baig ol' moon Titan:

Ganesa Macula cryovolcano.

They reminded of some maps I have. A friend who was then a student at Colorado School of Mines saw these maps being thrown out behind the school library and, in one of history's great dumpster dives, retrieved a whole bunch of them:

Torre Del Greco, east of Naples, 1883 ("Edizione 1905"). Not taken from space.

They're so old they're actually printed on cloth.

Mount Etna, 1883 (1897 ed.).

Impact crater on Titan.

Isole Eolie, Sicily, 1880 (1899 ed.).

Island in a lake, Titan.

Titan again.

Naples and points west (from the map of Torre Del Greco, above).

By the way, if you can't see intelligent design in this next Cassini photo, you're just blind:

Saturn's rings with planetary shadow.

Chicago Bears logo.

Update: Speaking of intelligent design, anybody else notice the image of Ted Kaczynski in one of the craters depicted in the Naples map?

See him? It's a miracle! Somebody tell Kirkpatrick Sale and Glenn Morris!

Update: I spelled Kaczynski's name wrong the first time, but only by a letter.

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