Sunday, March 18, 2007

More anti-war hoo-haw

The Post has had a simpering piece on the "revived" anti-war movement on its front page for two days now. Favo quote-o, under the subhead:

The movement's impact

War protesters are slow to claim responsibility for the swing in the polls [against the war], but they suspect the movement has some role in nudging public opinion.

"Partly it's because some folks see more light and act," said 57-year-old peace activist Peter Sprunger-Froese, sporting an anti-war button as he sat in a Colorado Springs warehouse where he assembles bicycles for the homeless. "And partly it's the persistence of an earlier voice that is deepening."
By day, he builds bum bikes. By night, he's--Sprunger-Froese: Peace Activist!

By the way, check out this pic the Post runs with the story, of your typical Denver anti-war protester:

You're sixteen, so beautiful, and you're Allah's.

Hell of a picture. In fact, it reminded me of another great shot I'd seen in the Post, this accompanying the paper's story last summer on the "March for Lebanon":

Remarkable. Different photographers, too.

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