Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Relief, comic (type 1--attempted)

The ridiculous way Iran's nefarious nuke ambitions may have been at least temporarily thwarted--the oil-rich theocracy can't pay its bills to the Russkies--is almost Dr. Evil-ish:

Dr. Evil (standing defiantly at the heart of his undermountain facility before the usual weapon of complete Earthal destruction):

Soon the world shall be mine! Bwahahaha--

(a descending whooooo sound* as the power dies and the lights go out.)

Henchpersyn (in the dark): Dr. Evil! Our nefarious nuke ambitions have been at least temporarily thwarted! How has this happened?

Dr. Evil (chewing pinkie nail): Ahmaqoaviecar.

Henchpersyn: Sir?

Dr. Evil: I maxed out the Visa card!

Henchpersyn: Sir! (Sets self on fire.)

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