Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rock(ies) II

Of course, after I make fun of the Rockies and vow further to see them not, there we were Sunday: Coors Field, Rockies v. D-backs. Rockies still suck mythically (11-26), so I wandered around most of the game. First thing that happens, I run into Dinger. He was passing marijuana cigarettes out to the kiddies:

Dinger: he's got porn,too.

Then I walked around the concourse to the infamous Rockpile (upper left), way out in center field, where seats cost just a dollar. Old-timey look because, you know, a dollar to see "professional baseball":

Since I'd never been underneath the Rockpile I went and had a look. Nothing could have prepared me for the horror:

Hunger, disease, filth: Rockpile inmates struggle to survive.

Finally I skulked up to Club Level for a shot of the notorious Coors Field Escalator of Death:

Thirty-five feet of hell; fortunately, there's Weitz & Luxenberg.

Update: Now I feel like a jerk. This just came up on the RMN site. What are the odds?

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