Thursday, May 05, 2005

Scattered outage

I seem to have a slight case of writer's block. Nothing's coming--no
ha-ha, no slice o' life, no serioso. No serioso, man.

But my determination is steely. This blog may not have ideas, or good writing, or interesting links, or scary pictures, but it has the one thing more important than any of that stuff:

Update: Sorry, that picture really spooked me. Nothing against Ann Coulter. She'll never be mistaken for a great thinker, but she can be pretty funny, and the cause of funniness in others. To call what she does "hate speech" is laughable (well, except maybe that one time). Still, that is one creepy picture.

Update II: Oh, and I can't remember what important thing this blog has. No freakin' idea.

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