Friday, May 06, 2005

Drunkablog investigates: What Would Jesus Drive?

In a Drunkablog exclusive, our crack just-had-a-couple-at-lunch investigative team solves the mystery that has divided America: WWJD?

Shocking discovery: Jesus drives a Ford Taurus.

Update: In a related story, Drunkablog has learned that Jesus buys His groceries at King Soopers. Except broccoli. If He wants broccoli He goes to Alfalfa's. No pesticides.

Update II: Hi, all you C & L folks! Don't be afraid. Take a look around. At the very least, check out the (photoshopped) picture of Ann Coulter I linked to here. It'll serve you right for visiting a right-wing hate site like The Drunkablog.

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