Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not yet, anyway

The alluring Chuck Plunkett in a Post blog:
Tomorrow we’ll weigh-in with an editorial on coming Congressional hearings regarding Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

It’s made me interested in considering what we might learn from the hearings in terms of our nation’s laudable obsession with diversity.
Laudable obsession.
Though I’m a big fan of diversity and tolerance, I’m not a fan of weak-minded acceptance of folks who go on to commit kill-crazy rampages.
Because it could very well be that Army officials were way too tolerant with Maj. Hasan and now will forever regret the result.

(Like the good folks at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who got suckered into quickly handing tenure to that hack Ward Churchill, whom they thought was an American Indian, in order to increase diversity among its faculty. And no, Churchill’s academic crimes don’t include kill-crazy rampages, but the debacle we had to endure for so many years helps make the point.)
Wart, of course, has claimed repeatedly that he took up arms against the U.S. Total lie, but who knows what his atherosclerotic brain might come up with next? Keep watching the skies!

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