Sunday, November 08, 2009


In comments some posts down the subject of bullies came up, and it's come up again (at least from me) in relation to the filthy assholes around Wart. So, I want to hear readers' stories about their childhood (or adult) confrontations with bullies.

Several of us in that down-post thread mentioned running from them when we were kids (jwp, I believe, said he wore a superhero cape when he did). I mentioned "The Fat Kid," who once chased me off the end of a boat in drydock, resulting in the oddly shaped skull people often comment on, even today.

But I do have a hero story, as well:

Seventh grade, Junior High (as it was called then). There was a ninth grader who hated me, for no reason that I could ever discern. I never even knew his name. But he tormented me. In study hall, for example, he'd sit opposite me and try to crush my feet with his size 12s. He was a good six inches taller and outweighed me by maybe 70 pounds (I probably weighed about 100 pounds then).

Worse, his locker was right next to mine.

One day, we met up at the lockers at the same time--something I always tried to avoid. He started the usual shit, crowding me, shoving me against my locker, etc.

This time, though, was different. No idea why. I reached back with my tiny right fist of fury and smacked him in the mouth so hard it echoed down the halls. This is not an exaggeration. My friend since first grade John Fable (where are you John?) was 20 feet down the hall and around the corner, and he heard it.

Prick never bothered me again.

Your turn.

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