Sunday, November 01, 2009

Give the devil his due

Front-page profile of Wart-lawyer David Lane in the Post today. Fave quote:
One thing that hasn't changed is the way Lane has been attacked for representing Churchill. Like the day he sat with a client, in prison for second-degree murder and facing a first-degree murder charge for a slaying behind bars.

"This guy's doing second-degree murder time, facing the death penalty, and he says, 'Can I ask you a personal question?' " Lane recalled. "I said, 'Sure.' He said, 'No offense, but how do you represent a scumbag like Ward Churchill?' "
The rest is about what you'd expect. Wart has a brief quote. I suppose the Post did this now because Lane is representing the Balloon Boy family.

Update: Benjie over at his moribund blog:
Missed this ’cause I’m out of town, but there was a great writeup of Denver civil rights attorney David Lane on the front page of yesterday’s Denver Post. I get accused of being everything from an anarchist to a militia member, and though I kind of like both of those tags, David Lane probably sums up my political beliefs better than anyone when he says that “the most dangerous entity on earth is a government that has the ability to do whatever it wants whenever it wants without control.”
Never seen Benjie accused of being either. Liar, sure. Sociopath, absolutely. Bully--well, isn't everyone in his circle? What Benjie and his stinking ilk want is for the gubmint to do what they
want, whatever that happens to be. U.S. off the planet!

Update II: So who among us will buy a copy of Pike and pass it around so we can all mock it? (It will surely be mockworthy.) We certainly don't want to inflate his sales figures beyond five.

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