Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving traditions

Like most Americans the Drunkablog ate so much yesterday he suffered multiple myocardial infarctions and had to endure "Grandma's special kiss" (aka CPR). Unlike past years, however, once he was breathing again he was able to keep right on eating, because Uncle Barney (l.) had remembered to bring his new home defibrillator.

Point of Hors d'oeuvre

Every family has its Thanksgiving-meal traditions, and year after year the beautiful family the Drunkablog heads enjoys its own. For instance,

Mom makes her special-recipe stuffing;

Dad (whom the D-blog, in a relatively bloodless coup, deposed last year as head of family) still takes the ceremonial first drink from the gravy boat;

Grandma, everyone is forced to agree, looks "much younger" than her years;

And Grandpa wryly observes the festivities.

Sorry, most families have traditions as "interesting" as these, so I should probably just quit bragging.

(Credit: the "Thanksgiving tradition" link is actually to "The Vengeance of Hop-Frog" (1898) by John Ensor, which I found at Hachmeister (gesundheit)).

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