Saturday, November 26, 2005


Here's a question: Do you say "me neither" or "me either?" Being a man of the people I've always said "me neither," but if you think about it, the grammatically correct thing to say is actually "I, either," meaning, "I don't know the answer to that question either."

Ex: I ask the Drunkawife if she knows what, exactly, is entailed in a competently executed "lap dance." She replies, "I keel you! My father vanted keel you! My broathers vanted keel you! I say, 'no keel heem, he good man! He bring me to America! He bring home secority-job paycheck like clockverk! He bring you, papa, and you, dear broathers, to America too! And mama vith her cough!' But I vas wrong! You are not man at all! You are leetle worm! A leetle worm who asks feelthy qvestions of his vife!"

To which of course my reply would properly be, "I, either." As Mencken once said about the infinite beauty and variety of "the American language"--"I think I'm having a stroke."

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