Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That's what we figured

A new letter from my pal Barack. Header: "We had no idea."

John -- [No "Dear" again. I've had it with this rudeness]

As we count down to another critical fundraising deadline for this campaign, it's important to remember this:

We always knew this election would be about two competing economic plans -- whether we get to build on our progress or see it taken away.
Progress? And it's not about two competing economic "plans," it's about some lying, soft version of socialism (for a while) v. some reasonably mitigated form of capitalism.
But we had no idea we'd also be up against a social agenda that would roll back decades of progress [sic], particularly for women's health.
Women's. health. There it is. No idea if Sandra Fluke is a slut, and to be honest, I aspired to be a slut in my younger days (not much success there), so more power to her. But it's clear she's just another "activist," pushing for others to pay for how she chooses to live. I'll pass, begging your pardon and if it's all right with you. Sir.
That means the consequences of this election will be felt in more ways than we'd counted on -- and what you do this week will help decide what they are.

Will you donate $3 or more right now?
Uhhhh, I'll think about it (snort).

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