Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here's an account

Of Wart's appearance at his ol' alma mammy, the former Sangaman (again, his spelling in his long-gone self-written CU profile--it's spelled "Sangamon") State University last night.

Favorite line: "The topics Churchill addressed while speaking to a crowd of about 40 people at the University of Illinois Springfield went far off topic from activism . . .

Second fave: "He claimed that plagiarism and fraudulence in the media is expansive and that all phones are equipped with GPS technology and technology users should be wary."

Second point may be true enough. First point: You should know, Wart.

Third fave:
Activism in America has come a long way since the days of Viet Nam push-back and protests from college students. Churchill says the video-recorders, which members of today’s Occupy movement are more likely to carry than guns are important. But he says for an activist not to arm his or herself is a concession of power.

CHURCHILL: “We could have used a few more recorders [my itals] and some of these assets that you have available; would have been really nice to be able to instantaneously record and transmit things police were doing in those days but availing ourselves of those technologies had they been available at the time would not have supplanted the need for the capacity to engage in armed self-defense.”
Not bothering to link to much of my vetting that bullshit, except for this, but what a liar and cheat and hypocrite this fat self-important fuck is. He has believed for decades that every opinion but his own should be shut down.

By violence, if necessary.

Update: Violence, of course, performed by others. Wart's always been very vague about his own revolutionary activities. Probably because he didn't participate in any, at least physically. Now the sack of shit can hardly walk. He's oooooold.

Hey Wart: Where are those "four books" you were working on before, you know, four years ago, which you had to abandon because the Nazis at CU distracted you?

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