Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi, Barack! (waves)

The cremulation of Labor in Queensland yesterday was better than expected by almost everyone (on the right, of course). From 51 seats to "7 or 8." Wow. (Blair and Bolta are full of other election goodness.)

I like this from a commenter at WUWT, quoting the Courier-Mail (in, one supposes, Queensland):

A merciless Bob Katter [some LNP muckety-muck] had some harsh words for Anna Bligh tonight, following her defeat at the polls [as Labor PM of Queensland].

“Did you really think people would vote for you?” he said.

“Congratulations Anna – you saved the trees but the people well and truly cut you down.”

And it’s too bad that American politicians & public can’t be more like the following [sic] instead of being distracted by personal hot button issues that have little effect on the nation as a whole: When asked about gay marriage, Mr Katter said: “We’re talking about serious issues.”
Of course, what the commenter doesn't say is that we're allowing the media to distract with these idiotic "hot-button" issues.

Update: WUWT fans (and fans of truth, justice and the Am--er, Australian way), will enjoy this thread.

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