Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleet me

Cold and rain. Right now, in fact, it's sleet. Supposed to rain up to a couple of inches overnight and tomorrow. I'm betting it'll turn into heavy, wet snow and deform all my flora. Sleet. I mean, sheet. AGWMA.

Scarily (well, not really), this has been a very cool spring. Just like last year. Ice Age! Being an albino (self-identification, man), I love it, despite the small inconveniences. Definitely not a heat person, even though I grew up in Central Illinois, which in the old days often reached 97 degrees and 95 percent humidity, and we hung out in the third-floor attic of a friend's house, smoking pot, watching Barney Miller and Soap, and sweating. Didn't bother me then. Or maybe it did. But there was pot. And Barney Miller.

Update: It's a thunder-snow storm. Dogs no like.

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