Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Idiots all (but some more than others)

Commencement speech at the University of Arizona by Sandra Soto, professor of gender and women's studies:
She's a sack of po-mo crap, of course, and does the usual misrepresentation of AZ's SB 1070 (racial profiling!). The gradutates are duly (but, crucially, unorganizedly) upset at the Hedges-like hijacking of their moment. But listen to the guy close to the camera: "This is Amurica!" "Cut your hair! Bitch!" Big Journalism (via) calls this the "Morning feel-good video." It didn't make me feel very good, except, again, that it was spontaneous anger at a fool, rather than the typical organized violence-courting jerkishness of the left. I assume the "Amurica" guy was AU's valedictorian.

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