Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yeah, friends

Spring draws nigh, which means it's almost time for Earth Hour!
FIVE to Change the World!

Dear John,

In just 37 days, you will be uniting with hundreds of millions of people all over the world in the fight against climate change. Last year one billion of us stood together during Earth Hour 2009. We became a powerful voice for action on climate change. Earth Hour is a grassroots movement fueled by passionate people like you.
That's what she said.
Today we need that passion to raise the volume of our message during Earth Hour 2010.

We've come together to change the world. To do that we must get everyone involved.

Can you get FIVE more of your friends to join today? Use our recruiting tool and social networking page to send messages to your friends and we'll track how many you have brought to the movement. So far Jason from Chesterfield, MO is our Earth Hour champion. He has already recruited 57 friends!
What'd he win? And fifty-seven friends? Hell, hard as I've tried, I don't even have 57 enemies.

But okay. I nominate, um, Sherm, Fred, Willibeaux (where's he been, anyway?), Laurie and JWP (dust that quicklime off and get out here!). Your names have been forwarded. (Hey, I think my enemies list is lengthening as we speak.)

I'll look around the Earth Hour site again (that is, for this year) when I get the chance. Sure to be more "hilarity."

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