Monday, February 22, 2010

'Tenure means nothing' if Wart loses his appeal

That according to David Lane in a post by Westword's Wart-shill, Michael Roberts:

"Tenure means nothing anymore if the regents are never going to be held accountable for constitutional violations."

As for those repercussions, Lane believes they're already being felt.

The decision "has already had the effect of causing people to think long and hard before they every open their mouths about any controversial issues," he argues.

As jwp notes, isn't it generally a good idea to "think long and hard" before you open your yap in the first place? (Not that I've always followed that precept.)

But I'd like to see Lane name one tenured prof at CU who's become afraid to say anything that pops into his or her stupid head.

Great porn name, by the way: Wad Churchill (see first comment on the Roberts piece).

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