Monday, February 15, 2010

Mumia agrees (he's still alive?)

Pirate Ballerina notes an amicus brief from the usual idiots arguing that the "quasi-judicial" immunity from suit invoked by CU after the Wart trial, and with which the judge agreed (if you remember, Wartists accused Judge Naves of plagiarizing CU's position), is invalid. Only skimmed the thing, but already spotted some howlers, among them:
Responding to public controversy over a 9/11 op-ed piece critical of the federal government’s foreign policy . . .
Um, it wasn't that that pissed people off, was it? I believe the term "Little Eichmanns," used to describe (non-governmental) people just making a living, was involved.
. . .the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado approved an ad hoc investigation into all of Professor Churchill’s writings and public statements to see if he had “crossed the line” of speech protected by the First Amendment.
"All of Professor Churchill's writings and public statements. . ." As I've said from the beginning: I wish. Can't wait to see what law professors and etc. sign on in the (thus far empty) space provided. The increasingly alluring PB has more.

Update (2/18/10): And another brief on Wart's behalf, this one from the ACLU, the AAUP and the NCAC (National Coalition against Censorship).

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