Monday, January 25, 2010

Wart hits the campaign trail

Involuntarily. In a Youtube campaign ad, CU Regent Tom Lucero, who's running for Congress from Boulder's 4th District, goes somewhat nonsequituriously (?) from Bill Ayers to Wart ("Took care of that mess in Colorado"), to cleaning up Congress. Short, but weird:

The Colorado Independent (via) quotes a hunk of interview the Boulder Weekly did with Wart in 2005 at the beginning of the scandal:
This is transparently clear: Anything that [Lucero] doesn’t like, whether he knows anything about it or not, is to be gone. He has announced—telegraphed—the fact that he doesn’t like anything having to do with cultural studies, ethnic studies, dissident political studies, gay rights. None of that has anything to do with proper scholarship in his mind, not that he knows a goddamned thing about any of it. And it’s not that he’s a particularly malevolent individual. He’s representative of the whole. That’s the mentality that goes into this. This is a book-burning exercise. It’s a stifling of political discourse.
And here I am stuck in the First District. Lucero voted to fire Churchill, of course.

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