Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Climategate stuff

A very, very long (I'm only about a quarter way through it) but utterly devastating chronological look at the Climategate e-mails by John P. Costella (not sure where I found it mentioned).

Another chronology, this one of the breaking of the Climategate story (via WUWT).

And finally, this laughable bilge appeared a few days ago in the Independent (even more AGW-rabid than the Grauniad, if you can believe it), but I haven't had time to make fun of it: "The end of consumerism: Our way of life is 'not viable.'" Read for yourself (no moving lips, please), but I just have to quote one comment on the piece:
Capital fought tooth and nail to destroy an economic system that held out the hope for real simplicity, viz, communism (a system centred around communes and notable for its lack of consumerables as was often pointed out as its failure vis-a-vis capitalism), what makes anyone think. (especially the naive Greens) that capital would be willing to make any concessions to anyone or anything, even the environment. It will take a reinvention of communism to put us on track to some sort of steady state but steady states and profit do not mix.
Update: Now I'm about halfway through Costella's disarticulation of the e-mails. Hey, he's got a pretty good sense of humor, something notably (and as always, significantly) absent on the AGW side.

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