Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And I'm Angelina Jolie

The pirate whose parrot always says he (the pirate) oughta be in pictures (total suck-up) found this long-winded gem (pdf) from the AAUP's Journal of Academic Freedom on poor Wart. It goes off on tangents, but is worth skimming for a few funny quotes, such as describing Wart as a "lanky, long-haired fifty-eight-year old with movie-star good looks . . ."

One I liked, the author quoting a CU facultoid:
There just isn’t a lot of energy out there to mount the barricades for a guy [whom] everybody hates.
Don't know why they felt it necessary to insert the "whom," but, no kidding. And one more:
One can also question the severity of the sanction. Churchill did not have to be dismissed. Plagiarists and charlatans remain on other faculties.
'Deed they do. 'Deed they do.

Update: Wart is actually 62 or 63.

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