Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sieg Heil!

A piece in the (Trinity University, San Antonio) Trinitonian on Wart's appearance at the school last week, during which he yelled "sieg heil" and gave a Nazi salute to the university president's wife, has some new quotes from said wife, Penelope Harley:
“I just felt that what he said was totally uncalled for and was actually very hypocritical, and this is what I led my comments with [during the after-speech Q & A with Churchill],” Harley said during a phone interview Thursday morning. “The most important message I wanted to get across was that in the first half of his presentation, which seemingly was all about the need for truth and evidence in legal cases having to do with academic freedom, it seemed extremely hypocritical that he launched into this unsubstantiated personal malice against Dennis that I knew was unfounded, with absolutely no evidence and with no regard for the truth.”
Never stopped Wart before. The piece also has some new stuff from hubby Dennis Ahlburg, former head of the CU Leeds School of Business and now prez of Trinity University:
“I would never have invited him myself, I think he’s despicable,” Ahlburg said. “A faculty member invited him and I chose not to rescind the offer because I believe in free speech. I don’t believe you should give a free stage to people like Churchill…I don’t believe Ward Churchill is about free speech. I think he’s about his own public persona.”

Ahlburg’s connection with Churchill seemingly stems from their time spent at the University of Colorado Boulder. However, Ahlburg claims their interaction was virtually non-existent.

“The thing that’s most peculiar is that I’ve never met the man and all of the things that happened to him at Colorado preceded me, so the fact that he would think I would waste a nano-second of my time on him just shows how delusional he is,” Ahlburg said. “I mean he has enough real enemies, he doesn’t have to make one up. I am not his enemy.” . . .
Time to join the club, Dennis!

“His modus operandi is if he can’t argue with you on the merits of the case, he will attack you personally,” Ahlburg said, before also addressing Churchill’s reference to Nazism. “What role does screaming ‘Sieg Heil,’ ‘Sieg Heil’ and giving a Nazi salute to anybody, what role does that play in the academic discourse? That is somebody who has lost their grip on reality and seems to have a mania for anything that has to do with Nazis, and at that point he should have been shown off campus.”
And into the nearest sewage pond.
Churchill claims that controversy surrounding [the 9/11] essay led to an unfounded investigation of academic misconduct, insisting that he would not have been under such scrutiny if not for his political views. He also claims that Ahlburg used this controversy as a means to persuade donors to withhold money from the College of Arts and Sciences and alternatively give to the Leeds School of Business, of which Ahlburg was the dean at the time.

“He told every one of those wealthy donors, corporate contributors, basically ‘Ward Churchill is in the College of Arts and Science [sic], you are committing money to that, withdraw it and give it to Leeds,’” Churchill said during the lecture.
Prove it. Oh, wait, for once he has evidence:
Churchill also stated that he had alleged email documentation of Ahlburg using his name to raise money, but refused to provide these emails when contacted.
Sekrit evidence.
Churchill was also contacted by the Trinitonian for a phone interview about the series of events that took place Tuesday. His response, via email, was as follows: “I’m not much interested in something focusing exclusively on 2 sentences lifted out of a 35 minute talk. If you’re inclined to do something with the real story with regard to Dennis Ahlberg [sic] — that Trinity’s board of trustees hired a guy rated 26th out of 27 deans at the University of Colorado in terms of administrative effectiveness to be your president — let me know. I’ll send you a copy of his UCB administrative evaluation and we can go from there.”
There are no depths to which this scumbag won't go. But we knew that. The paper has an accompanying editorial: "Churchill's attacks distract campus discourse." Sample graf:
In all of this commotion over who said what about whom, the glaring question is: why was Churchill invited to Trinity? Out of all the possible speakers available, why choose someone so aggressively divisive? As students and journalists, we at the Trinitonian are the first people to stand up for freedom of speech, and we believe it is important to practice and even test the limits of freedom of speech. However, it is also in the best interest of society to employ reason in our campaigns. Although Churchill’s choice to give Harley a Nazi salute was constitutionally protected, it certainly undermined his argument.
Now there's a ringing declaration.

Update: The pirate with the parrot who donates to Ron Paul notes that the CU Board of Regents is finally going to consider ending the ridiculous policy by which professors fired for anything but "moral turpitude" receive a year's salary as a parting gift. Unfortunately, Wart's already got his.

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