Friday, November 04, 2011

It's Arts Week in Denver!

So a bunch of mercifully evitable krep going on. Among the krep is the Starz (blech) Denver Film Festival, which will be featuring movies by "area" filmmakers (whatever that means) in its "Spotlight on Colorado." One of the movies is "Patriocracy." The Post says the doco asks the musical question, "How did the U.S become the politically riven nation it is today?" One look at the lineup of talking deads (sorry, the site won't let me link) tells you where the film's creator, Brian Malone, will be coming from: Bob Schieffer, Eleanor Clift, Roy--sorry--Pat Buchanan, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jared Polis . . .

Area theaters are puttin' on the blitz as well, including Curious Theater's offering, "Collapse," of which the Post's fine arts critic John Moore says, "Though it's inspired by the 2007 Minneapolis bridge disaster, artistic director Chip Walton swears, "It's one of the funniest plays we've ever produced."

There's also Chinese art and Klezmer abusers and Day of the Dead stuff and all like that. The Post's story on this, by the way, was published yesterday and has gotten only one comment thus far, from a "yip cabbage": "Zzzzzzzz."

Not a cowtown.

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