Saturday, November 12, 2011

More OccupyDenver tomfoolery

Had to go to the bank (sorry, credit union) this morning, so I left the car parked there and Billy Bob and I walked down to the OccupyDenver protest at Civic Center.

Billy Bob is kind of a pain on these jaunts, because a) he doesn't understand that his leash becomes a deadly weapon in a crowd; and b) there's lots of food lying around on the ground and he is bound and, yes, determined to eat all of it.

So I thought about leaving him in the car, but didn't on the off chance he might get to meet his newest heroine, Shelby, the border collie/cattle dog mix who last week was elected leader of the OccupyDenver movement (one dog, one vote, one time).

So who do we run into as soon as we set foot in the park? Shelby!

She's already adopted the trappings of an imperial presidency.

Naturally Billy Bob, being a pup of the people, promptly violated protocol in a move so embarrassing I'll probably never be able to show my face at these protests again:

I, I say! It was almost as bad as that time Moochelle sniffed the Queen's butt or whatever she did. Security rushed in to pull BB away, but the damage was done.

Anyway, protesters were already yacking away, complete with mic checks and the small crowd repeating everything the speakers said (no up- or down-twinkles that I noticed, though).

The blonde in green, oddly enough, was going on about how brilliant it was that OD elected Shelby leader of the movement. Sadly, it just reminds me of Ward Churchill and Benjie Whitmer's utterly lame attempt to emulate the also-lame (as well as dead) Abbie Hoffman and run a pig for president (scroll down a yittle).

What the well-dressed anarchist is wearing this season.

The guy in the trench coat and go-to-hell porkpie hat in the pic below was, of course, a truther. Even the Occupods were having none of it.

But check this out. See the big kid on the right with greenish hair? That's the same kid who was arrested with three others a few weeks ago for squatting in the abandoned house right across the street from the D-blog manse. I took him aside and asked how that had worked out. He said they were charged with trespassing and burglary (a class 2 felony, he said), but that he thought that charge would be pled down to a misdemeanor. "As soon as that's over with," he said, "I'm going to be squatting again." And damn me, I forgot to ask who was representing them.

A little signage 'n' stuff:

Hard to read: it says, "Kick Uncle $am Off Indian Land."

"(Neither is Ron Paul)." Then we're left with no one.

Yes, the utterly unnecessary but de rigueur bandana face.

"Yes we kill."

One of the sexiest features of communism is food lines. Coincidentally, I guess, one of those was recreated across the park:

The line of food tables stretched the whole block in front of the City and County building. Biggest potluck I've ever seen, and it smelled fantastic. Maybe communism isn't that bad . . .

On the other hand, the line of people stretched for three blocks. Good. Times.

BB and I were tempted to get in line, but the credit union was closing, so we had to get out of there.

By the way, the D-blog is aware what weak marinara this post is compared to the gripping fillums the Lonesome Dictator of North Denver got of the brouhaha at BlogCon (which the D-blog was unable to attend) yesterday, when Occupods attempted to infiltrate the conservative blogger get-together. You've probably seen them, but if not here they are at their rightful home, the People's Press Collective.

Update (7:47 MST): The Post: "Denver police forcing Occupy Denver to move their property in Civic Center." Again.

Update II: The Washington Examiner has more. The protesters have been acting out. ("This is not Tehran!" Sheeeeit.)

(via commenter kbdabear at the AoS ONT)

Update III (2 December 2011): Believe it or not, I saw Black Flag at the Ogden, way, way back. They sucked, tho Henry looked pretty damn good in his panties.

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