Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lane sounds off on Occupy Denver

On KHOW. Ward Churchill's attorney David Lane weighed in on whether the state (city, whatever) can lawfully clear out the occupods. He doesn't think so, of course, unless typhoid or cholera is "sweeping" the camp. Craigie reads him the law. Lane questions what the meaning of "camping" is. Christ.

Lane also mentioned (as PB did today) that Patrick O'Rourke, the lead CU defense attorney in Wart's 2009 suit against the school, is one of the finalists for a state Supreme Court post. No chance (as PB also notes), but Lane added that if O'Rourke did indeed secure the spot, he would have to recuse himself (as two SC justices, according to Lane, already have) from the Churchill case, leaving only four justices to decide it. Bad for Lane: tie goes to the appellate court, which voted unanimously against Chutch.

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