Thursday, June 16, 2011


Note from Barack. Subject:
Like I said, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
John --

I've set aside time for four supporters like you to join me for dinner.

Most campaigns fill their dinner guest lists primarily with Washington lobbyists and special interests.

We didn't get here doing that, and we're not going to start now. We're running a different kind of campaign. We don't take money from Washington lobbyists or special-interest PACs -- we never have, and we never will.
Yeah, sure (caution: link goes to Firedoglake).

We rely on everyday Americans giving whatever they can afford -- and I want to spend time with a few of you.
Eeeeeee--wait a minute. Whaddaya mean, "a few of you"? But I want you all to myself, you yummy hunk of man-child, you.
So if you make a donation today, you'll be automatically entered for a chance to be one of the four supporters to sit down with me for dinner. Please donate $5 or more today:
We'll pay for your flight and the dinner -- all you need to bring is your story and your ideas about how we can continue to make this a better country for all Americans.
Who's this "we" who's paying for stuff again?
This won't be a formal affair. It's the kind of casual meal among friends that I don't get to have as often as I'd like anymore, so I hope you'll consider joining me.

But I'm not asking you to donate today just so you'll be entered for a chance to meet me. I'm asking you to say you believe in the kind of politics that gives people like you a seat at the table -- whether it's the dinner table with me or the table where decisions are made about what kind of country we want to be. . . .

I've said before that I want people like you to shape this campaign from the very beginning -- and this is a chance for four people to share their ideas directly with me.

Hope to see you soon,

Update: Just noticed that Katherine Archuleta, formerly Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's senior advisor in charge of dealing with Rec!reate!68 before and during the Democratic National Convention in 2008, has been named director of Obama's reelection campaign. Probably on Glenn Spagnuolo's recommendation.

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