Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Colorado Supreme Court sez

Go Broncos!

Dignity, always dignity.

Update: How to draw Peyton Manning.

Update II: Until now, the D-blog had not succumbed to the current fashion of referring to Mr. Manning, the Broncos' supremely talented quarterback, as "Fetushead." Just childish, he thought. In researching the matter, however, the D-blog found this photograph:

And not only is Mr. Manning a fetushead, but it looks like the doc got a little handy with the forceps in delivering him. The original caption, by the way, says Mr. Manning is snorting "smelling salts." Apparently it's a fetushead thing.

Update III: Product.

(Photo credits: the Internet)

Update IV: This game has not been edifying. Funniest comment (lots of funny ones, tho) over at AoS: "Well, at least a bunch of kids in Zimbabwe will be getting a free crate of 'World Champion Denver Broncos' shirts and hats."

Update V: Popup on the Denver Post's front page (Top headline: "Seasick"):

Yessir, this here's a real hardcover book. Don't see many of them 'round these parts, nosir. REAL hardcover. Feel a' that. Hardcover. Don't it feel nice? Stroke it once. Now hang on there sir! Did I say ten dollars off? I mean ten dollars, it's yours!

Update VI (9 February 2014): In England they spell it "Fœtushead."

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