Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Patriotic theme today!

He said sullenly. Okay, here's a sculpture that recently appeared in front of Brown International Academy (formerly Brown International Baccalaureate School, formerly Brown Elementary), which the D-a-W and I used to live across the street from, almost:

Kiddies with their hands over their hearts, looking up at . . .

An empty flagpole, but you get the idea.

It's very weird. As you can tell by its name changes, poor Brown has been buried under all the worthless tranzi-eco-multi-culti fads its been possible to heap on it, and the school is actually quite diverse, racial-wise*, and yet, look at this sculpture. Five kids with no ethnic tells at all honoring the flag.

Even weirder, all the kids' noses are exactly the same.

And there's a rat looking on.

Must be ironic. Okay, enough patriotism. Here's a sodey machine with some holiday words of wisdom:

Yes, do.

A wedding party, I guess, at Sloan Lake.

See if you can find the goose-stepping duckling.

A member of the beloved Hat Patrol.

Sworn to drive 45 in the left lane--for YOU!

And lest our enemies forget . . .

He's pissed, he's riding an eagle, and he's got a rocket launcher.

*As the D-blog noted in 2007, "Brown is 74 percent "Hispanic," seven percent "Pacific Islander," seven percent "American Indian or Alaska Native" and six and five percent respectively "White" and "Black." Wild."

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