Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora mass shooting

The Telegraph, probably not surprisingly, has better coverage than the Denver Post. Here's some eyewitness stuff. TV coverage is unwatchable, of course, but must-watch all the same.

Update: TV coverage no longer must-watch. Smarmy repetitive bastards.

Update II: The Telegraph's liveblog or whatever has this (last graf) at 7:32 MDT:
. . . We could hear screaming and chairs being broken around us so we just figured we would stay down. There were about 50 to 75 gun shots, we were playing dead for about 45 seconds or a minute.
Forty-five seconds or a minute. Is that all the time it took for this guy to kill 12 (originally reported as 14) people?

Update: Back up to 14, according to KOA radio.

Update IV: Back down to 12, according to KOA. Jaysus.

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