Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heat stroke

Strange poll on the opinion page of the Post: "The mercury has already soared past 100 degrees in Denver five times this month. Do you think the heat is connected to anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change?"

They think they need to explain "anthropogenic." Anyhow, answers are:

"No. It's just another example of extreme weather conditions. That's Colorado" (leading with 344 of 605 votes, 56.85 percent);

"Yes. And stupid questions like this only feed skeptics who ignore reality" (206, 34.04); and

"Maybe. Not that I'm a doubter, I'm just not sure this is connected to climate change" (55, 9.09).

The "no" answer is reasonably straight, but look at that "yes" answer. Such hostility. Amazing that the editor or reporter or flunky who thought it up managed to avoid, at least in the published version, the dread "D" word.

But it's the "Maybe" answer that's really weird. ."Not that I'm a doubter . . ." Blank eyes turn toward the doubter. The piteous screaming begins . . .

Somebody at the Post actually thought this poll up. And the Post printed it. Although to be fair, they do include a pic of a hot, sweaty chick to add pizzazz, like so:

Helps a little, huh?

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