Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ace bans comments

Temporarily, I guess, while threatening to let the Ace of Spades blog "go dark" because of some persistently wedgeheadish commenters.

Don't really think that'll happen, at least, because Ace also says, "registration is coming," perhaps as early as Monday.

Short of actually nuking the blog, commenter registration is probably the worst thing that could happen. For one thing, wouldn't it kill sockpuppeting, the near art form practiced by some of the commenters over there?

Worse, it would kill the whole freewheeling, spontaneous nature of AoS threads, in which commenters strive to either top or build on one another toward the same goal: teh funneh (or, alternatively, teh serioso).

This is bad. And it's just another hunk of fallout from the brouhaha with the guy who, I now firmly believe, did not set off bombs in Speedway, Indiana. (Courage!)

What a fucking mess.

Update: Shadow comments site here.

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