Sunday, April 08, 2012

Mike Wallace

He was, of course, a leftist-media dickhead who pretended to be evenhanded; he was just the oldest leftist media dickhead extant. He was not a pioneer of anything, except media arrogance. And cig smoking. But mostly media arrogance. And cig smoking.

However! Leave us not forget his wonderful turn in the Mirage Tavern scandal. The Daily Beast has what they think are his best interviews, but the one with the Chicago city inspector is inexplicably left out. And I can't find it on Youtube.

Jeez, one of the girls on the show I linked to at the top said 60 Minutes has been on for "more than 60 years."

Anyway, here's Myron in 1939, on the great old radio show Information Please, representing the University of Michigan as the "Spirit of Youth," specially voted on the show by many idiots. His arrogance is apparent even then. (Yesh, I've played this one before.)

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