Friday, July 09, 2010

Doggie-fridge meld follow-up

Never say the D-blog doesn't give readers (if any) closure on old stories. The Gamera:
A former University of Colorado student convicted of felony animal cruelty for taping a dog upside down to a fridge last year was sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years probation Friday.

A few minutes earlier [21-year-old Abby] Toll tearfully addressed the court saying she was "deeply sorry for what happened to Rex last year."
Rex is the dog.
"I am so ashamed," she said. "There is no doubt that a horrible, bizarre thing happened in that apartment that night."
Distancing. A common literary effect. Wonder if she was an English major.
She called herself an "animal lover" and said she kept Rex, who was then an 8-month-old shiba inu, in her thoughts every day.
Now Rex is a two-year-old Lab. Scientists call it traumatic transmutation.
The case generated media coverage from around the world and spawned a collection of Web sites condemning Toll. . . .
Spawned. That's a good word.
Toll nearly came face to face with her victim Friday when prosecutor David Cheval asked the judge if he could bring Rex, who has since been renamed Yoshi, into the courtroom for the sentencing. Berkenkotter denied the request, saying only service animals are allowed in the courthouse.
There are pics of Yoshi at the courthouse. Yoshi. God. Let me at his new parents and I'ma tape them to a fridge. Buddhists, no doubt, so I can beat them up first. Mebbe. Can you imagine the PTSD resulting when you go from "Rex" to "Yoshi"? (But don't worry about that, as you'll see.)
Toll appeared most devastated when the judge ordered her not to have contact with animals for the duration of her probation. Toll lives with her mother and her mother's dog in Chicago.
Bit awkward, what? One of them will have to stay in a kennel. Or the Motel Six. Yeah, same diff.
Toll was arrested in April 2009 after police received a call of a domestic dispute at a Boulder apartment building. Inside, they found Rex wrapped in packing tape and stuck to the side of a refrigerator.

Toll admitted binding and attaching the dog to the fridge, saying she did it as a way of getting back at Beck for paying more attention to the dog than to her, according to police. . . .
Paying more attention to the dog than to her. Your point being?
Maximon told the court that Beck was the one who actually bound the dog, and that his client simply stuck him up on the side of a fridge. She lied to police about her role in the incident to protect Beck, he said. . . .

Lots of allegations of abuse and sad childhood follow.
She [I forget who "she" is] described to the court how Toll painstakingly bound Rex's snout, feet and tail with packing tape and hair ties, before adhering the animal to the fridge with more tape.
Hair ties? Adhering? The boyfriend was nailed too, a while ago.
Yoshi, who recovered from his injuries [no mention of physical "injuries" in the earlier story--you wanna google, be my guest], was adopted by Shannon Park and his wife, Amy, who live in Castle Rock.

Park said Yoshi had nightmares for the first couple of weeks after being taped to the fridge. He said Yoshi is fearful around people and other dogs he doesn't know and has been seen by an animal behaviorist.

Of course, Billy Bob is fearful around people and other dogs too, and you know what I do? Tell him to suck it up (his vomit on my pristine hardwood floors, that is) or I'll tape his maggoty ass to the friggin' refrigerator. Works every time.

Update: Billy Bob's 12th birthday is coming up this month. To quote Cary Grunt in His Girl Friday, he's ohhlldd. I might try for some pics illustrating his ancientness. He might retaliate.

Update II: Thought some about how to imitate in writing how Cary said that in the movie. Couldn't come up with anything that looked good.

Update III: E-mailers claim there was no parrot on Petticoat Junction. Guess it was Edgar Buchanan.

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