Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Communiqué from the People's Hoop Party:
There is much seminal writing on key issues which you won’t read in high school or college. I spoke with a teacher yesterday who had never heard of Paolo Friere. Of course she hadn’t. The man gets banned from curriculums even though he is THE man to go to for any critical pedagogy of literacy. . . .
Banned? Banned? Maybe in Arizona, after their stupid anti-effnic-studies move (tho that's more circumscribed than portrayed on the left). But here's the first graf of the first comment when the alleged Arizona ban was news at Kos last month:
Wow!!! The Paolo Freire whose theories of education practically undergird much of settled education policy today in many parts of the world including this country? [my itals]. The Paolo Freire whose concept of "praxis" has redefined how kids are taught today compared to previous generations. [. . .]
Yeah, banned. More Hoop Party:
Ward Churchill is much the same. Most well educated people have not heard of him, and his books are hard to find. But he has written volumes and his research is fantastic and detailed and deep. He makes a thoroughly convincing argument that the US should get out of North America.
People's Hoop Party is a for-profit biz which, they claim, attempts to "turn good ideas into social reality through direct community action."

Through hula-hoops. Wham-O has a lot to answer for.

Update: "Praxis." God how I hate that word.

Update II: Billy Bob says, "Wham-O, also maker of the Frisbee, need not apologize for any--gimme that Frisbee! Rowowrrrow!"

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