Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wart speaks

According to the Mining Journal (apparently a plain-old newspaper in Marquette, MI, despite its odd title), Wart appeared at Northern Michigan University the other day. Same old, but I did like this:
The author of more than 20 books, Churchill is a member of the American Indian Movement of Colorado and a founding member of the Rainbow Council of Elders. He said he's often considered a controversial figure.
Said that, did he?
"People say, 'why are you angry?' I say, 'why are you not?' " he said. "I believe in our struggle and I participate in it."

He told the crowd that he's been working for his cause for most of his adult life because absent engagement, "talk is cheap."

"We have the right to respond on our own behalf by any means necessary under conditions like these," he said. "We can't declare things in clear terms. You come for my children, I'll kill you I may not be successful, but I am obligated to try And you have more than a right, you have an obligation to hand that off to your children, and your children's children."
The vid they posted is even choppier than the article.

Update: The parrot who calls his companion-pirate a pedophile notes Wart weighing in (and you can see how much he's weighing in the vid) on the latest priest scandal.

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