Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Australian emissions scheme booted

At least for a while:
It was once a centrepiece of the Federal Government's election strategy, but now the emissions trading scheme (ETS) has been relegated to the shelf until at least 2013. . . .

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently said climate change remained a fundamental economic, environmental and moral challenge, whether it was popular or not. . . .
Gee, that sounds familiar. Also familiar: the craziness of certain (leftie) pols:
Greens leader Bob Brown says Mr Rudd has caved in to [opposition leader Tony] Abbott's attack on the ETS.

"If it is true, it is quite irresponsible because it signifies a climate change collapse by the Government in the face of the right-wing criticism from the Opposition and others that it is a great big tax," he said.

Mr Brown says the Government could do a deal with the Greens, but lacks the political will to do so.

"Climate change is real. It is stalking Australia. It is threatening the Great Barrier Reef. It is threatening the Murray-Darling Basin," he said.

"We have seen projections of up to 90 per cent loss of productivity of the Murray-Darling Basin this century if climate change isn't tackled."
Whatever. This will give everyone time to tiptoe away from the idiot scheme. With any luck, something like that will happen here.

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