Monday, August 03, 2009

Never know what interesting tidbit you'll find . . .

In comments at WattsUpWithThat. This one's in a long, long thread on coral, ocean temps and CO2 from some months ago. The D-blog understands the entire thread, but his somewhat algae-like readers--maybe not so much. But I bet they won't forget this (sorry, comments don't seem to have individual links; it was made by E.M. Smith at 18:49;45):
In humans it is widely known that when lost at sea you will die if you drink salt water (due to the inability of your kidneys to excrete a stronger salt concentration than sea water). Less widely known is that you can take a ’sea water enema’ and survive. The colon has active transport of water (to solidify feces) and can extract fresh water from sea water. I know of at least one scandinavian family lost at sea that survived using this trick.
Luckily the D-blog always has an enema-bag about his person (don't ask), so next time he goes on a cruise (the D-blog has never been on a cruise), he'll survive if the ship sinks--at least until the others in his lifeboat kill (and eat) him for administering himself enemas right in front of them. Mmmmm, salty.

Update: Fucking Scandinavians.

Update II: No sharing!

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