Friday, August 21, 2009

Benjie to the rescue!

The Post:
Huge enrollment jumps at Colorado's community colleges are prompting officials to scramble for more classroom space and instructors for subjects as varied as air-traffic control and anthropology.
And Ethnic Studies?
At some community colleges, enrollment is up more than 25 percent. The Community College of Denver appears to lead the trend, with a 37.5 percent increase in students heading into fall classes. . . .Administrators attribute the surge to the bad economy and the affordability of a community college
education. . . .
But there are problems accommodating all those new bodies. Classrooms are filled, and colleges are encouraging more students to take online courses.

At Aims [Community College in Greeley], where enrollment has jumped at least 20 percent, administrators are scrambling to get more desks and chairs into classrooms, pushing up against fire-code limits. . . .

The school is also hanging out "Help Wanted" signs for just about every academic offering. Part-time instructors are needed for subjects including developmental reading, college-level math and biology. Humanities courses are also lacking, so Aims needs instructors for psychology, ethics, economics and anthropology.
And Ethnic Studies?

D-blog readers: Keep watching the skies! Benjie didn't erase two blogs only because he was afraid of getting sued. He wants to "teach."

Update: In his last 20 posts Benjie has gotten two (2) comments. He's right: blogging is a waste of time. For him.

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