Monday, June 08, 2009

Signs, signs . . .

On Colfax between Federal and Wadsworth. First, a warning:

Several motel-sign shots. This is from the motel that formed part of the legendary Eddie Bohn Pig 'n' Whistle Empire:

Detail of pig:

Several questions suggest themselves.

Weekly rates for down-at-heels aristocrats.

Think I've posted this one before:

Still have no idea why they changed the name from "Bugs Bunny Motel."

Never got a close-up of Bugs, er, Big, either:


The Modern Institute of Reflexology:

And detail:

Scae--oh, already said that.

America: On the move! (Yay.)

The Blunderbuss gun shoppe:

Black powder fixins.

Buy here, pay here!

A Colorado anti-meth campaign billboard.

And finally, the Rose Lady has it covered:





Update/Correction: The Rose Lady's "bar" actually isn't; it's a chocolate shop that used to be a bar.

Update II: The more you look at Bu--er--Big Bunny, the weirder he gets. He's got a carrot in one hand and (apparently) a beer in the other. His beer hand is wearing a glove; carrot hand, no. His glove hand is also apparently missing a digit, with the glove conveniently cut away to allow the stump to breathe. And look at his right ear. Is that blood?

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