Saturday, June 27, 2009

Context? Whazzat?

The St. Pete Times provides a tiny amount on the Wart-featuring "documentary" on HBO June 29, Shouting Bores:

This sprawling documentary focuses on the most extreme combatants in the fight over free speech in America, throwing off a lot of heated rhetoric without much enlightenment. Recounting how former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill lost his job amid controversy over a pointed essay on the 9/11 attacks, the film fails to explore several legitimate criticisms about Churchill while casting him as the victim of a right-wing witch hunt. The filmmakers here seemed to forget that good journalism often works best with a little context.
Like lying, fraud, plagiarism, bullying, lying (oh, I already said
that). . .

Update: The NYT pulls out this pearl of moral equivalency:
It is presumably an accident of timing, but in the documentary “Shouting Fire,” boy, do the scenes of protesters being arrested during the 2004 Republican convention in New York call to mind recent images coming out of Iran.
Yeah, sure.
That will only add to the film’s leftward lean, at least in the eyes of any conservative types who happen to tune in, making them more inclined to dismiss it. Too bad, because the film, Monday on HBO, explores First Amendment issues that everyone should give some dispassionate, platitude-free thought.

Yeah, su--oh, I already said that.

Update II: Anyone with HBO who reads this blog (mutually exclusive, I know) and is strong enough to watch Warty "emote," feel free to give good review here.

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