Monday, May 25, 2009

Make it stop

It's been raining steadily for about three hours now.

It rained a few hours this morning.

It rained most of yesterday.

It rained hellaciously Saturday, with flooding and hail and a tornado or two spotted on the Lonesome Prairie©. It's been raining in the mountains, with snow forecast the other day over 9000 feet. Down here (about 5500 feet) I have a space heater on.

In fact, it's been an extraordinarily wet and cool spring. This though I can recall reading at least two pieces in the Post (which I can't find now, natch) quoting various sonorous and no doubt well-qualified poops predicting drought this spring because the winter was unusually warm and slightly unusually dry. A trend goes on forever.

You should see the wildflowers in the front yard. They're quite regimented-looking. If it ever gets light again I'll post a picture. A little scary going out there, though. When it's dry there are tons of bees, and they're freaking out. I found the mailman lying on the porch Friday enjoying a brief anaphylactic-shock break.

Update: The Telegraph: "Global warming of 7C 'could kill billions this century'"

Global temperatures could rise by more than 7C this century killing billions of people and leaving the world on the brink of total collapse, according to new research.

The study, carried out in unprecedented detail, projected that without "rapid and massive action" temperatures worldwide will increase by as much as 7.4C (13.3F) by 2100, from levels seen in 2000.

Previous estimates have concluded that the likely increase this century would probably be 2.4C (4.3F).

However the new study by scientists at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology included projected economic growth in developing countries and new information on the affect increased carbon emissions will have on biological processes, such as the capacity of the ocean to absorb greenhouse gases.
(via Watts Up With That, where much fun, naturally, is being had with the study)

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